How It Works

The Equine Assistant App is easy to use and perfect for both the tech novice and tech genius. Try if for FREE while we’re in beta.

Connect the Team

All horses have a team of people caring for them. Equine Assistant is the tool to connect owners, trainers, vets, farriers – anyone – to each other and share the information relevant to a horse’s care.

  • Names, emails, phone numbers
  • Pros (trainers, vets, farriers) love having owner info handy
  • Send texts and notes with care/training plan in real time
  • Eliminates the communication vacuum

Schedule Tasks

From vaccinations and worming, to scheduling how and when a horse is worked, while setting up lessons or appointments at the barn – Equine Assistant is the  tool that will keep you on track and on task.

  • Trainers can schedule work plan and share with staff
  • Vets can schedule meds and treatment plan per horse
  • Schedule out the farrier and what needs to be done
  • Save time and have clear communication with the Team

Share Records

Sharing contact information is a given, but with Equine Assistant share registration records, cards, images, videos and x-rays at the touch of button. This is especially handy when special care is necessary.

  • Share images and video with team when issues arise
  • Access past notes, images, even x-rays for assessment
  • Provide care plan to the horse’s team
  • Incredibly beneficial when on the road and incidents occur

Why Equine Assistant?

We’re accustomed to using smart technology in almost every area of our life – why not when it comes to horse care?

With Equine Assistant the power to connect and manage a horse’s care is in the palm of your hand. Now owners and professionals can communicate easily and more importantly – accurately – while saving time. Equine Assistant is the ultimate tool for horse care whether you’re managing a barn of one or 100.

We’re Getting Some Buzz

By Horse People

Equine Assistant was developed by horse people that understand what it means to own and manage horses.


Owners and professionals easily connect with each other eliminating the one-way communication vacuum.

Improved Care

Eliminate multiple phone calls to gather information on a horse's history. Quickly and easily access accurate information.


Transparency in horse care should be a value embraced by all. Equine Assistant is the mechanism to achieve this goal.


For less than the cost of a latte per month, an improved standard of care is now available to horse owners and professionals.

The Future

Never fear Android users. Equine Assistant is being developed for you as well and will be available in early 2017.

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